23 October 2009

Fantasy Land

Fantasies are fun. While I may daydream about doing various sexy things with DB, I generally fantasize about stuff I would not ever do in real life, no matter how much wine and chocolate is involved. Case in point: a threesome, that supposed pinnacle of male sexual fantasy. Now, given enough really really good wine and chocolate, I might go for kissing a girl, but that's about the extent of it. I'm very possessive about people, and sharing my guy IRL would not work in the least. However, in my head, it plays out like the best-edited porn you've ever seen.

In a fantasy, I don't have to concern myself with reality (or physics). I'm the bendiest person you've seen since the circus was in town -- and so is everyone else. Mostly it's either about both of them doing me, or me and the girl servicing the guy, depending on my mood. I like the thought of being sandwiched between the two of them, the girl's strap-on in my cunt, and a man's hard cock filling my ass from the other side. Or I'm laying spread-eagled and tied up on a flat St. Andrew's Cross, the girl ordered to lick me until I beg for permission to come, while he jerks off on my tits, which she licks off at the end. Or we're in the executive suite, and she spanks my bare ass while I suck his cock. Or... you'll have to excuse me. Now that I've made myself all hot and bothered, I have to ... go do stuff ... wash my hair... yeah...

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