04 October 2009

A few short thoughts on boobs

Corsets are very sexy, but after 6 hours, exhausting. It's impossible to look bad when you have a flat stomach and great tits. Breathing, however, is optional.

Everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, likes boobs. Except the American media. FFS, please stop airbrushing out nipples on naked models. It just makes them look weird and fembot-like. In a bad way.

Boys, if a woman puts tattoos on her breasts, you're *supposed* to look.

Girls, if you put tattoos on your breasts, and display them, you lose all rights to complain that men only look at your boobs. (BTW, women are looking at them too. Because they're there.)

It's true that more than a handful is a waste (esp. if your man loves your ass).

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