06 May 2009

Does your gym teach you to prostitute yourself?

Maybe it's just that I live in Sodom & Gomorrah, erm, New York City, but somehow sex seems to have taken over my gym.  Maybe to protect the guilty, I should not name this very large national chain, but...  it's Crunch.  Recently, I had this conversation with Darling Boyfriend about the local class listings:

Ms. Ava Blue: So you know how my gym offers the pole dancing class?
Darling Boyfriend: Yes :).

MAB: The new location is going to offer a strip tease class as well.

DB: Awesome!

MAB: But wait, my story gets better.  The Park Slope gym has a class called "Turning Tricks".

DB: When they offer a class called "Covering Your Bruise", you need to switch gyms. 

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