28 April 2009

Review: the Tuyo vibro masseur

I won the Tuyo vibro masseur in an erotic writing contest on Kink in Exile, which is cool for a number of reasons, among them that I haven’t won a contest at least since high school.  The Tuyo is a very cool vibrator, and at first I thought it may be a little too cool and fancy for the likes of me.  The perfect sphere shape threw me for a loop – I couldn’t figure out exactly what I was supposed to do with it.  It’s certainly not insertable, and it’s not shaped to fit around the female form. 

Turns out that you’re supposed to roll it around and stimulate your entire vulva.  This works fantastically; I was indeed stimulated everywhere.  Unfortunately, being tingly all over means that I couldn’t get enough on my clit, the one place I wanted it.  It did a very good job of turning me on, but I couldn’t really get off. 

However, it’s advertised as a couples’ toy, which means I promptly introduced it to Darling Boyfriend.  I will say this – ladies, please do not be afraid of bringing this kind of thing into bed.  Your boyfriend’s ego may not handle a large anatomically correct dildo, but no one is threatened by a something that looks like a Magic 8 Ball.  We had a great time actually just playing with it.  He used it on me, and to better result, since I was already turned on by being in bed (and several orgasms into my morning).  DB liked the sensation of it under his balls receiving oral sex.  It was also kind of hilarious when he placed it between my breasts, thereby turning most of my body into a vibrator.  This thing is powerful.  It’s also kind of loud, in case that’s a concern for you. 

Verdict: It was a good bit of fun in bed with someone else, and sex should always fun.

PS: DB had one geek engineering design complaint that there is only one button that turns the vibrator on, and then you have to keep pushing it (which means going through all the settings) to turn it off.  

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