27 April 2009

A hand on the neck

There is something I find incredibly erotic about this image.  I just ran across it again in the film "Deception" with Hugh Jackman, and it's just... unbelievable.  It is very clearly the power of it -- you don't know if he is going to kill her or have his way with her.  It so happens that in "The Tudors", there is going to be both, and in the film it's the latter (and I am not ruining anything, given that the film is about a sex club).  

It helps that Hugh Jackman is effin gorgeous, of course, but he also does a very good job of being an evil, evil bastard.  There really isn't anything redeeming about his character.  Normally in movies and books, I like a little more realism -- I want people who are like the real people in the world, but then again, I don't know any sociopaths, nor would I sleep with any.  But dang, is he hot when he is standing behind Michelle Williams, wrapped around her, with one hand at her throat as he very threateningly whispers a song to her, and then at the last second when you think he is going to snap her neck, instead throws her on the bed and pushes her legs apart...

It's better than all the other on-screen sex put together.  

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