29 April 2009

How straight are you?

I am fascinated by human sexuality, and specifically by female sexuality and definitions thereof.  There has been more than one study that shows heterosexual women are turned on by SEX -- whether it's between a man and a woman, two men, or two women.  We (the self-identified heterosexual women) just want it to be hot.  

If you asked me about my sexual orientation, I would tell you that I am straight.  I have no real interest in sleeping with another woman.  Most of my girl friends would tell you the same thing.  However, that's minus alcohol.  Add a few drinks, and it's a different story.  I believe drinking lowers your inhibitions, giving you license to do the things you woudn't do sober, but would really like to.  In other words, you don't act out of character, you're actually way more IN.

FD has drunkenly groped my breasts on a number of occasions.  I don't think I ever stopped her.  I think I just giggled.  SQ used to drink tequila and proceed to hump and fondle my ass with very erotic regularity.  LB has wandering hands that frequently stroke their way around my shoulders, down my back, and up my thighs (two drinks in).  RL once kissed my ear and neck at a party in such a way that I almost swooned.  

And we're all "straight".  I'm just saying.  

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