11 August 2009

A Review: Aqua Erotica

I got Aqua Erotica from my friend over at Kink in Exile, and like almost any present from her, it is both geeky and sexy. It's an anthology of sexy stories all with the central theme of water, because it is meant to be read while you are taking a bath, and you know, doing other things in the bath... anyway, to first discuss the geeky, this book is waterproof. That's right -- you can get it soaking wet. Apparently this isn't totally new, as "Wired" wrote about it here in 2002, but I was floored. Eventually you forget you aren't turning actual paper pages, and it's just so trippy to read a book in the tub and not worry about dropping it. All Harlequin novels should be printed with this technology...

As to the sexy, well, truth be told I only really liked two out of the 18 stories. One was about a guy who meets a couple that does safe sex ed, and they proceed to give him a hands-on demonstration. That threesome was tres hot, mostly because all three participants got equal playtime, as opposed to the guys just fucking the girl six ways to Sunday. And the second story was about a girl who entices her boyfriend away from watching the game on tv, and instead has mind-blowing anal sex in the shower. That one had just the right amount of cock description, and was well-written enough to turn me on and make me forget about the logistics of something like that (like both people being of similar height and weight, and having those non-slip stickies on your tub, and the fact that you can't actually grip tile...).

Final verdict: It's more of a novelty item to show to your more liberal and risque friends, rather than an erotic novel I'm going to turn to on a regular basis for smoking erotica. The Parisian memoirs are really more my speed for that one. On the other hand, if you've always had a pool, sea, lake, bathtub, glass of water fantasy, this book's for you.

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