19 August 2009

The luxury of a personal hair washer

So DB and I showered together for the first time recently. I'm not sure why we always took the standard single person showers before, but that time is now officially over.

Even in a very small shower, it is just ridiculous amounts of soapy, sexy, hilarious fun. Possibly because it is a very small shower. Possibly because when DB, who is tall, was standing with his backto the spray and then bent down to kiss my neck, the water went right in my face and made me spit. And then, of course, he kept trying to do that again because it's funny. Possibly because it's so damn hot and humid, that if you don't have air conditioning, a shower is really the only place you could concievably even want to press your body against someone else's...

Then there's the hair washing. The last time someone has washed my hair (aside from hairdressers) was probably when I was 9 years old. DB is very very good at the hair washing. He's tres gentle, and thorough, and none of the soap went in my eyes. It's such an unbelievably personal, intimate, luxurious thing to have someone wash your hair... It's the kind of intimacy that qualifies under the same heading as "sharing a bed" or "making a meal" for someone, but even betttttter.

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