17 June 2009

Please pardon

I do occasionally disappear. Busyness does that to you. Updates on various things:

- Tried a stripper class at my gym. Felt like the most spastic, uncoordinated stripper ever because couldn't keep up with the choreography. On the other hand, I totally rocked the cardio tai box today. I'm much better at punching and kicking things.

- The hair is growing out a bit. As usual, a month later it looks like what it ought to look like.

- I am a big fan of smooth wet sexy - hot shower, mud mask, avocado mask, massaging shower head, at least two different kinds of lotions... if it wasn't a weekday, there would also be a pedicure and a manicure. I'm in sore need of those, esp since my regular place next to my job closed down. Damn economy.

- Today's sexy: I am not wearing any underwear.

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