21 May 2009

Change of plans (and sexuality)

Brilliant geek idea is scrapped because the Tshirt making is just too labor intensive at the moment.  I may use it for Halloween later on, but we'll see.  At the moment, my Halloween idea is Sally Bowles from Cabaret, but we'll see...  Anyhow, new plan is to go as a "freak" from the wardrobe I already own.  It's kind of a lazy way out.  Instead, the costume is going to feature purple fishnets, a super short black skirt with zippers, a black tshirt, and some black arm warmer type things, along with the appropriate over-the-top eye make up and spiky silver jewelry.  


"Is gay the new black?"  Well, I like to think so, but I live in NYC. The discussion on daytime TV today was about likening the gay movement for marriage to the civil rights movement of the black community.  A chunk of the argument of the anti-gay marriage side is that sexual orientation is a choice, and race is not.  They think gay people choose to be gay, and therefore immoral, wrong, etc etc.  The gays, of course, state that it is not a choice, they were born gay, and so forth.  Everyone's heard this before.  

I think human sexuality is a lot more fluid than that, actually, and we have plenty of examples to support that.  Look at Anne Heche, who got famous for being Ellen's girlfriend, and then when they broke up, got married to a man and had a baby.  I have a male friend who will tell you he is very very gay, and yet him and his boyfriend both used to make out with various girls in our social circle on a regular basis.  I'm not saying that makes him "less gay", but rather my point is that obviously there was something about women that turned him on as well.  After all, he enjoyed it.  

FYI politics: I am pro-gay marriage, on the same basis as everything else -- if it makes you happy, and doesn't hurt anyone else, go for it. Gay marriage does not hurt heterosexual marriage.  For more on that topic, see Lewis Black's rant from his "Red, White, and Screwed" show.  

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