18 April 2009

When boys shop

There's not much better then when Darling Boyfriend says he's going to be doing some shopping.  Unless it's sex toy shopping.  Specifically for the things you've always wanted to try but never have before.  And certainly not all at once, as he is apparently planning to use on me.

Is this a good time to mention my (mostly) submissive tendencies? And DB's ardent desires to watch me squirm as he first forces me to admit all of the dirty, filthy things I would like him to do, and then proceed to follow through?  

I'm pretty sure there are going to be restraints and blindfolds.  Combined with his general affection for my ass and the sound his hand makes when they connect, there will very likely be serious spanking of my favorite "let's see how many shades of pink it gets" variety.  Beyond that, I don't know, and I'm certainly looking forward to finding out.  We've played a little bit with toys before, but not much, so this should be tres sexy... 

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